Saturday, December 17, 2011

Support The Restoration of Buffalo's Magnificent Central Terminal

From Buffalo Rising:

The ongoing salvation and restoration of Buffalo's magnificent New York Central Terminal has to be one of the most uplifting stories in Buffalo history. The terminal is still in rough condition, but the efforts of a rag-tag band of volunteers coming together is a true grassroots effort to save a precious piece of WNY heritage and, step-by-step, they have shown that anything can be accomplished with perseverance and determination and, of course, money. The following is The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation's case, per Anthony Bylewski, as to why you should vote for them to receive the $10,000 grant from The National Trust for Historic Preservation to be given in the "Buffalo Challenge."

"Central Terminal Restoration Corp. (CTRC) is a 501(c) 3, 100% volunteer organization founded to ensure the survival, restoration, rehabilitation, and continued development of the historic Buffalo Central Terminal, an Art Deco landmark that once served as one of the nation's major transportation hubs. The mission of the CTRC is to redevelop the Terminal's 61-acre complex to its intended purpose as a center of activity for the immediate Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood, the City of Buffalo, and the entire Western New York Region.

"We have obtained a grant of $300,000 from New York State to restore two main entrance canopies. [However] CTRC must come up with $100,000 in matching funds [in order to be eligible for the money]. The $10,000, if won by the CTRC will go towards this effort and will be supplemented by our other fundraising initiatives. The Terminal is to be enjoyed by the public. We are just volunteer stewards trying to save this building for future generations of WNYers. If the public wants this building to survive we need their votes of support as well as their continued attendance at our fundraisers.

-Anthony Bylewski
Vice Chair, CTRC

[The terminal was recently featured on TreeHugger and, if you haven't seen the station in person, you can check out The Central Terminal on The Travel Channel.]